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custom made outdoor cushions

Measure for replacement cushion covers 

    The advent of technology has brought lots of changes to the way we do things. Therefore, nowadays, you do not have to visit any offline stores to get any custom-made cushions as you can simply contact manufacturers and send the specifications of the desired cushions to them to get first-rate, customized cushions.    

Alfresco Cushions, Patio Cushions and all other outdoor cushions….

    Whether you need alfresco cushions, patio cushions, outdoor cushions, and other types, you only have to make sure that your measurements are right so that the manufacturer can make the perfect replacement cushions you really need. However, measuring your cushions can sometimes be a challenge.    

How to measure your cushions

    When you are considering how to measure cushion size or how to measure a cushion for fabric, the first thing you need to understand is that standard outdoor cushion sizes vary greatly, it will be difficult for any cushion manufacturer to make replacement cushions without getting the measurement of your cushions. Therefore, your ability to measure the cushions correctly will play a pivotal role in determining the final products that the manufacturers will be able to offer you. However if you are having difficulty with this call our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist.    
  • Foremost, familiarize yourself with cushion sizes chart so that you can know the range of measurements to expect.
  • Afterward, ensure that the cover of the worn-out foam is removed. Lay the cover on a flat, smooth surface so that measurement can be done seamlessly and easily.
  • Carefully measure the width and length of the cover. This measurement should be done from one seam to another so that all needed sides are accurately measured.
  If your cushions are rectangular or square, the full dimensions would have been measured correctly through the seams. However, for T or L-shaped cushions, the greatest widths and length of the cushions should be measured first while the front portion of the cover is measured ear-to-ear later. Write these measurements in a paper to avoid forgetting them.    
  • Once you are done, send the measurements to a cushion factory. The factory may ask to provide the details of the number of cushions you are ordering, the types of foams and fabrics they should be made with and other relevant things.

Custom made cushions

  Get custom-made patio cushions, outdoor cushions, bench seats, window seats, and other cushions today at affordable cost by measuring your old cushions and sending the measurements to Cushion House Australia.    

Trusted cushion manufacturer

  Cushion House Australia is a reliable and industry-leading company with experienced and skilled cushion experts. We are ready to go extra miles to utilize Australian fabric and foams to make eye-catching, custom-made cushions that will fit your specifications. Our expertise and experience allow us to make regular and unusual shaped cushions irrespective of the sizes.   Contact us now for your custom-made cushions in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other places nationwide.   Email us at: Call: 1300 781 007
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outdoor replacement cushions

Outdoor cushions

Looking for replacement outdoor cushions for your existing furniture. Or maybe you have built a seating area that requires something that is bespoke? Cushion House Australia offer cushions of all shapes and sizes. It can be easy enough to buy your furniture but when it comes to buying the replacement cushion fopr your patio furniture or sun lounger that’s where the fun can begin! Let Cushion House make it easy from choosing the right fabric for your cushion covers to even choosing the right foam for your new seating too. With a wealth of experience within the industry we can help. With our extensive range of outdoor fabrics and if you can’t see it on on our website, then call or email our team at and we will source the right fabric for you. With so many choices of fabrics from around the world it’s hard for us to have each and everyone displayed online. But rest assured if it’s not there and you know what you want we will source it. Cushion House is one of Australia’s leading custom made cushion manufacturers and deals with all leading fabric suppliers. What’s more you’re buying a quality made product made right here in Australia.    

Outdoor Cushions Sydney

Any suburb throughout Sydney and any where else in NSW we can deliver your replacement or custom made cushion, we offer competitive prices on all our products and a $35.00 recorded delivery.  

Replacement Cushions Brisbane

Live in Brisbane and looking for replacement cushions for your outdoor furniture or your indoor furniture? Cushion House Australia offer a best price guarantee and will beat any like for like quote. All our cushions are custom made right here in Australia. With a fast turn around on delivery. Call your local replacement cushion experts today!

Custom Made Cushions Melbourne 

Cushion House Australia are a local family owned business, we offer competitive prices on all our custom made cushions. So if you’re looking for replacement cushions for any of your indoor or outdoor furniture call us today for a great price with a great product and service.

Replacement Cushions Perth 

We deliver to all suburbs through out Perth and WA offering the best price for replacement cushions and custom made cushions. With a fast turn around on all our products. We are a local family owned business with dedicated service and loyalty.  

Cushion House Australia 

Great service, great products and best price guarantee on all our custom made cushions. Call us today to discuss your next project.
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custom made indoor cushions

Window seat cushions made to measure 

There’s something a little different about a window seat compared to other seating areas around the home. Whether you want a reading nook or somewhere to sit and look out and see what is happening outside. Cushion House offer a range of window seat cushions. These are all custom made to suit any style window seat. We also offer free advice and guidance on choosing all components that make the perfect window seat cushion.  

How deep should the foam be for the perfect window seat….

Choosing the right depth cushioning is an important factor when having your window seat cushion designed. For example if you are looking to have the window  seat piped, then it is recommended that the minimum depth would be no less than 60mm (6cm) to show a reasonable border between each piped edge. Will the window seat be used for long periods? If so then it’s a good idea to go for something a little more substantial and we suggest 75mm upwards with a premium high density foam. Cushion House only use premium high density foams for all seating and proudly use Dunlop Australia for all our seating foam.  

What fabric should be used on window seats…

Again careful consideration should be taken in to account when selecting the fabric for your window seat. Here at Cushion House we offer a large variety of fabrics from Australia’s leading fabric suppliers. If there is going to be a lot of traffic in the area then it is worth considering an easy clean fabric and something that is machine washable. For example  Warwick Fabrics have their Halo™ range of fabrics that are easy clean, we can also offer to have the fabrics treated to give additional protection for the odd mishap too! Is the window seat likely to get a lot of direct sunlight? If the answer is yes then it is definitely worth taking a look at the indoor/outdoor collections these fabrics are suitable for both indoor areas and outdoor areas too and have the added benefit of UV protection too plus with their water repellents thy can safe guard with drinks spilling on there too.

Window seat cushion Perth 

Cushion House cover all areas of Perth so if you’re looking for any advice please contact our friendly team.  

Window seat cushion Melbourne

Yes Cushion House cover Melbourne too, with a fast turn around whether you are in Perth, Melbourne or any other state we can have your new window seat delivered to you in under 3 weeks.  

Window Seat Cushion Sydney

We offer our services for window seats and any other style cushion to Sydney and all other states with quick turn around and competitive prices.  

Window seat cushion Brisbane

Looking for a new window seat we cover all areas of Brisbane, feel free to contact out friendly team to discuss your next project.    
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Cushion House Australia Warwick Plush Velvet

Replacement Outdoor Cushions

So you are looking for replacement outdoor cushions. Cushion House Australia offer a custom replacement covering service for all types of cushions. Both indoor and outdoor cushions can be replaced. If you just require the covers this can be done, or if the foams have had the stuffing knocked out of them (excuse the pun!) we can offer to replace them too.   Many furniture suppliers offer imported alfresco furniture, and indoor furniture too. But did you know when it comes to replacing cushion covers, which will more than often wear out sooner than the rest of the furniture it can become a near impossible task for the supplier to offer you replacement cushions for your furniture. That’s where Cushion House Australia can help. We can custom make any shape and any size cushion to fit your furniture.

Measuring My Cushions 

We have easy top follows steps for you to get an instant online quote for your cushions. However if you can not find your style cushion shape. or you may not feel confident in measuring your cushions you can simply send your old cushions to our factory for us to use as templates. We can also return your existing cushion covers if you are looking to still use them in the future. We will then take all the necessary measurements to ensure your new cushion covers are made to fit as original.  

Where are your cushions made

All our cushions are made here in Australia. We are also recognised by The Made In Australia Campaign. This gives our customers the satisfaction that they are buying a genuine made in Australia product supporting our local economy. Our team strive to produce a high quality cushions and we have a stringent quality control to ensure all our cushions are checked over before they leave our factory.   If you need any help in the making of your new cushions then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. We can be contacted during office hours on 1300 781 007 or email us anytime day or night and well get back to you within 2 hours of our opening times.  Email:  
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