Foam thickness for new seat cushions

Published on 5 February 2020
Cushion House Blog

What depth should a seat cushion be?

This is a question we often get asked. There are many factors to take in to account when choosing the correct thickness for a seat cushion.

Firstly, is there an existing seat cushion on the chair if so, does the height feel right for you? If the answer is yes but it’s just too soft then a premium high-density seating foam will usually be adequate for the replacement.

We often find that existing seat cushions are made with inferior quality foams and are not usually ideal for there purpose and when replaced with a good quality high density foam this will improve the comfort factor 10 fold!

Remember when selecting a new seating foam thickness does not mean better quality.

Our customers often think that the thicker they go the better the comfort, that is not always correct look at the seating area and have think about the look you are wanting to create and also think about will you be able to sit there without your feet dangling down.

Follow this simple guide for foam thickness

In addition to the seating foam Cushion House Australia also offer to Dacron wrap your cushions which adds to the comfort and gives your cushion a softer feel when sitting and a more domed appearance for that added touch of premium luxury.

If you are still unsure then feel free to contact the team at Cushion House who will be more than happy to assist in helping you choose the right cushion for your needs.