Cushion Care & Cleaning

After purchasing a custom-made cushion from Cushion House Australia, it’s important to know proper cleaning methods to ensure your product maintains its new appearance for years to come.

Your custom cushion should be cleaned in the capacity denoted when choosing the respective fabric pattern during the design process. Care labels are attached to all our cushions to give exact cleaning instructions for the specific fabric.

For Sunbrella’s detailed cushion fabric care and cleaning instructions, visit their website:

For Warwick’s detailed cushion fabric care and cleaning instructions, visit their website: 

How to Spot Clean Cushion Fabric

If you are wanting to remove a small spill or stain from your cushion fabric, spot cleaning is recommended method. 

However, please note the following before attempting to spot clean.

  • Treat any cushion spills and stains as soon as possible. 

  • Test your cleaning solution on a hidden area of the cushion to ensure that the fabric won’t cause discolouration. 

  • Use of soap or detergent with water should be approached with caution since overzealous rinsing to remove soap residue may result in over-wetting, watermarking and possible wetting of substructure (this may create other stains or damage products).

  • Use warm water and non-toilet soaps which do not contain optical brighteners.

  • Machine washing and machine drying cushion covers are not recommended. Please allow your cushion to air dry.

How to Spot Clean Cushion Fabric

  1. Brush off any loose dirt that is on your cushion.

  2. Create a cleaning solution by mixing warm water and mild soap.

  3. Spot spray the areas you would like to clean. Allow your cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.

  4. Scrub the sprayed areas using a soft bristle brush or cloth.

  5. Rinse your cushion fabric of any remaining soap residue. 

  6. Blot dry using a towel and then allow your cushion to air dry.