The benfits of vinyl bench seat cushions

Published on 30 May 2023
Cushion House Blog

What is the most durable fabric option for your bench seat cushion?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis. With so many options to choose from when looking for replacement cushions or new custom-made cushions.

Easy to clean bench seat

When considering which fabric to choose for your new cushions, whether it be replacement outdoor cushions or replacement indoor cushions, vinyl is not the only option to consider. With so many fabric suppliers now offering easy clean fabrics Zepel Fabrics offering Fibre Guard. Wortley Fabrics offering Crypton and Warwick Fabrics with their Halo protection there's never been a larger range to choose from. 

Seating for cafes 

The beauty of vinyl is its versatility.

Vinyl fabrics can be easily wiped down and most rated heavy commercial grade vinyl and marine grade vinyl which is great if they are exposed to the elements. We are often asked what's the best option for our commercial seating whether it be new custom-made seating for cafes and restaurants or just a high-traffic area at home with the children and their messy hands.

If you're ever unsure, reach out to the team at Cushion House Australia for advice.

Vinyl for seating that looks like fabric

The vinyls that are available now have evolved so much that some don't even look like vinyl.

Take for instance Warwick's Lustrell Allure, a flat vinyl with a subtle embossed texture that mimics that of delicate textures of a finely woven fabric - available in 28 colourways.

We also have our popular Lustrell Charisma. This is a soft and supple plain vinyl and available in 69 colourways more colours than a rainbow!

Vegan leather bench seat cushions

Looking for something a little softer, Our Eastwood fabric is not actually a vinyl, but a fabric that's been designed to look like an aged leather. A faux leather that's popular for window seat cushions and indoor bench seat cushions and is an easy clean fabric too. The other great quality of this is there's no sweating or cold feel that you can get from vinyls.

Cost for replacement cushion 

Take advantage of our online cushion customiser and calculator and receive an instant quote online today for the cost of but your new custom-made seat cushion.

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