Your ultimate guide to choosing patio cushions in Australia

Published on 17 April 2023
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Spending time outdoors is an important part of the Australian lifestyle. From outdoor cooking and dining to fun and relaxation, much of this time takes place right outside the home in your custom patios and other outdoor living spaces.

If you want to make your outdoor spaces just as comfortable as your indoor spaces, you need to invest in quality furniture and outdoor cushions. While they might be small in size, patio cushions greatly affect the look and feel of any outdoor area.

Let's take a long look at patio cushions, so you can choose the perfect products to complement your living area.

What are patio cushions?

Unique floral pattern patio cushions in orange and white.

Patio cushions are not just regular cushions that you've thrown outside. They're made with different fabrics and designed to handle the demands of the weather. Many outdoor cushions are manufactured with water-proof or water-resistant materials and designed to handle the sun and wind.

Caring for them can also differ, with cushion washing instructions catering to unique designs, zips, buttons, and foam cushioning. In addition, outdoor patio cushions sometimes have a different look to custom indoor cushions, with striking colours and bold patterns used to stand out and make a powerful statement.

How to choose the best patio cushions?

White and black floral patio cushions on unique patio furniture.

If you're in the market for new patio cushions, there are many things to consider. From the overall quality and design of the cushions to the fabrics, colours, and textures used, you need to weigh up lots of things to ensure the right purchase.

However, when you get it right, well-chosen patio cushions can enhance your furniture and bring your space to life.

Product design

The overall design of your outdoor patio cushions greatly impacts how they look, feel, and function. Many things contribute to this design, including the size and shape of the cushions, their loft or "plumpness", and how the textures and colours interact with the fabric choices.

Circular patio furniture inbuild with black fabric and foam for seating.

Some cushion designers are known for using particular materials or combining certain colours to great effect. Good patio cushions have been designed to withstand the elements with strong, weather-resistant fabrics, and quality zipping mechanisms.

Fabric materials

Patio furniture cushions differ from indoor cushions in many respects.

Patio cushions in geometric black and white pattern fabric in Australian backyard.

The fabrics used are often different, with outdoor products needing to withstand the sun, rain, and wind throughout the year. While not all patio cushions are 100% water-proof for extreme rain events, many are water-resistant and designed to handle light showers.

Common materials used to make patio cushions include polypropylene, olefin, acrylic, and polyester. Many of these cushion fabrics offer superior UV resistance compared to other fibres, which makes them ideal for outside settings.

If you’re ever unsure of which fabrics work best for your Australian home, get in touch with the team at Cushion House Australia.

Colours and textures

In the past, outdoor spaces were looked at through a functional lens. From furniture and BBQs to cookware and cushions, style was not an important factor in outdoor patio design or utilisation of outdoor products.

Unique green floral patio cushions on backyard sun beds.

The times are definitely changing, however, with product designers now producing fully-functional and incredibly stylish outdoor items. Patio cushions are available in more colours and textures than ever, from vibrant block tones to rich organic textures and patterns inspired by nature.

When choosing cushions for your patio, be bold and buy something that makes you want to spend more time outside.


Along with pure colours and patterns, it's also important to think about how your space is coordinated. When your cushions are coordinated with the rest of your outdoor furniture, you can really make your space come to life.

Plain blue patio cushions in line showcased in an Australian backyard pool.

Outdoor patio cushions and other small items help you create conversations between your furniture, architecture, and space. They allow you to customise the look and feel of your outdoor space and create a personal atmosphere that feels more like home.

Along with coordination outside, you can also balance colours and textures between your patio area and interior spaces.

Strength and durability

Outdoor patio cushions need to be strong and durable. It's not enough to simply look good and feel comfortable, they need to last for summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The fabrics used to make patio cushions need to be quite strong, and the zips and buttons must also be up to the task.

Durable patio cushions in unique stripe design in Australian backyard.

Like many things in life, you often get what you pay for when it comes to outdoor products, especially when it comes to durability. Alongside reviewing materials and construction techniques, you should look at UV protection ratings and washing instructions to find the perfect weatherproof cushion options.

Foam and other cushioning

Along with looking great and standing the test of time, cushions for patio furniture also need to be comfortable. Comfort is vital to enjoying long meals outside with friends or relaxing outside for hours with a book.

Blue patio furniture cushions with floral pattern throw pillows on wooden decking.

The obvious factor to consider is the loft of the cushion, with some designs soft and expansive and others sturdy and firm.

It mostly comes down to cushioning, with synthetic cushion foam often selected for outdoor furniture due to its water-resistant properties. Internal cushioning also affects washing instructions, so choose carefully and think about your washing needs.

Washing and care

Like everything in life, patio chair cushions must be cared for. While they are typically more durable than indoor cushions, they're also more likely to be exposed to the elements.

Two red sun lounge cushions showing before and after replacing the patio cushions.

When buying new cushions, research the product online, read the packet and label, and look at the washing instructions. Some patio cushions allow you to separate the filling from the cover and use the washing machine.

Order your new outdoor patio cushions online

Grey and brown patio cushion designs in Australian backyard.

If you want to buy top-quality cushions for your patio, Cushion House Australia has everything you need.

From stylish minimal tones to bold colours and organic patterns, our cushions will make your home look more stylish and comfortable. Browse our product range or contact our customer support team to learn more.