How to clean your outdoor cushions

Published on 13 May 2023
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Bench cushions and seat cushions

Taking care of your new replacement cushions will ensure longevity of your investment, giving you a longer lasting outdoor cushion for many years to come.

To keep the cleaning of your outdoor cushions to the minimum so you can spend more time enjoying them rather than cleaning them then its best to take note of a few simple routines.

Your outdoor cushions should be designed to withstand the elements and the harsh Australian climate that we have. However, as we often see at our factory with customers looking to replace their existing cushion covers, it may not always be the case.

Many outdoor furniture sets come with new outdoor cushions but they are just not designed to last, sometimes we'd even question the quality as we often see cushions covers that are less than 18 month old and look like they've been exposed to the elements for 20 years!

Cushion House only ever use quality and reputable fabrics for our outdoor and indoor cushions. This gives us the peace of mind that you will receive a high quality cushion that will give you many years of enjoyment.

Check the care label of your cushion

Just like on your clothing all cushion covers should come with a care label instruction detailing how to best take care of your cushions covers. These care labels can easily be removed if necessary and then store the care label of your cushion somewhere safe for future reference.  

Upholstery fabrics come with many different cleaning methods, some can be washed and other cushion covers may need to be dry cleaned or simply wiped down. Buying quality custom made cushions is an expensive investment which as it says in it's description it's a custom made cushion and not off the shelf cushion which are manufactured in high numbers.

Bench seat cushions regular care (rotation)

Firstly, can you cushion be rotated. At Cushion House we always ensure the cushion can be rotated with exceptions of certain shaped cushions. This will ensure even wear to your custom made cushion.

Seat cushions and back cushions (vacuum) 

Like anything else a dirty surface will promote mould and mildew growth so a weekly vacuum of your cushions will ensure this is is greatly reduced.

Cushions (spot clean) 

If an accident occurs spot clean the fabric, again check the care label to ensure cleaning agents can be used on the upholstery fabric, firstly if possible gently scrape off as much of the spillage as you can then use a cleaning agent where permitted. Check if a hot water extraction machine can be used where necessary.

Machine wash cushions covers

Can the cushions be machined washed? Many upholstery fabrics can be machined washed and it's usually recommended that this is done on a warm cycle and then allow your cushion covers to be line dried (avoid direct sunlight) rather than use a tumble dryer as this will increase the risk of your cushion covers being shrunk and then you'll be searching the market for replacement cushion covers.

Outdoor cushions (bleach clean)

Here at Cushion House we use high quality outdoor fabrics that can actually have a 5% mix of bleach added to the cleaning process with a mix of water. However this is not always the case again revert back to that trusted care label of your cushions covers!

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