10 Things to do before listing your home on Airbnb

Published on 22 March 2023
Cushion House Blog

Becoming an Airbnb host can be very profitable, but only if you have a property that's appealing to people.

Great interior design is essential to your Airbnb's success in a few ways. With a nice interior and proper staging, you can take attractive photographs for the Airbnb website that draw people's attention. A great interior will also make guests feel welcome and that they're getting their money's worth, which can lead to higher guest satisfaction and better reviews!

Investing in Airbnb decor is a must if you want to attract and impress lots of guests, and get a good return on your investment.

Thankfully, you don't need to be an expert interior designer to improve your Airbnb design. With just a few additions, you can transform the vibe of your property and make it more comfortable and appealing.

1. Custom cushions will add to the appeal of your home

When used correctly, custom indoor cushions can really bring a room together.

Couch and furniture with a range of custom designed cushions made in Australia.

They have a practical purpose of course, but you can match them with other elements in the room (like a rug or curtains) to elevate the design. They also show that you put effort into making your Airbnb look its best, provided you've invested in quality Airbnb cushions made with strong materials.

You can take things up a notch by buying holiday home cushions when renting out the property during holiday periods, such as the use of red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Easter, and red and pink for valentines day.

If your holiday home (soon to be Airbnb) has a nice outdoor area, consider how guests may utilise the space and invest in premium custom-made outdoor cushions to make the space pop!

2. Throw blankets are an easy way to add style

Throw blankets are a simple but effective way to beautify your Airbnb.

Pink and grey decor Airbnb room with pink throw rug over the couch.

Given their size, they tend to be used more for decorative purposes. That said, they can still have a practical purpose depending on where you place them.

For example, throw blankets look great when placed over a comforter or couch, where guests can also use them. If you wanted to add some character to your property's living room or bedroom, pick out a throw blanket with a bold pattern!

3. White bedding gives a premium hotel vibe to guests

No Airbnb design project is complete without beautiful bedding.

White and natural pattern bed sheets in a bedroom in an Australian holiday house.

The look and quality of your bedding can have a major impact on your guests' experience. That's why you should opt for soft and high-quality bedding, nothing that's fraying or has holes, tears, or discolouration.

If you want the bed to have a fancier, hotel vibe, white bedding is a classic choice that complements any decor. To add a splash of colour, consider adding some indoor throw cushions with unique and colourful fabrics to suit your home decor.

4. Luggage racks are a small addition that makes a big impact

Luggage racks are an Airbnb home essential your guests will use and appreciate.

Luggage racks and storage options for guests staying in this Airbnb.

Most hotels offer luggage racks, making them a great addition if you want your property to feel more luxurious. If you're not familiar, these racks prop up luggage, making it much easier for guests to unpack and access their belongings.

You can find plenty of stylish yet low-key luggage racks that blend in with your other Airbnb decor at local home centres. Or get creative and make your own by visiting a local hardware store.

5. Soft & premium towels take your home from 4 to 5 stars

Make your Airbnb feel like a relaxing spa with thick, soft bath, hand, and face towels.

Creating a luxurious stay for guests in this airbnb with premium towels and toiletries.

Towels are another feature that set the best Airbnb properties apart from the basic ones. For the best overall look, your towels should all be the same colour. Like with bedding, all-white towels are ideal. This adds to the spa vibe, but it also gives you the option of bleaching them if they're ever stained.

Never underestimate the appeal of the small things in your Airbnb.

6. Low-maintenance plants are inviting to your Airbnb guests

Plants can make a home much more welcoming and tranquil.

Artificial garden plants on a shelf in this Airbnb holiday home creates a tranquil retreat.

Many people find the smell and sight of them relaxing, so why not add a few to your Airbnb?

If you opt for real plants, consider purchasing low-maintenance plants. You want plants that can go a long time without being watered, as you may not be able to water them while hosting guests for long periods of time.

For the best options, head down to your local plant nursery and speak to the staff. With Airbnb and holiday home rentals on the rise, they’ve likely answered similar questions many times before and can help you select the ideal plants for your home.

7. Charming signs create points of interest in your holiday home

Create a quirky and welcoming entrance to your home with charming signs.

Quirky 'home sweet home' sign welcomes guests to this Australian holiday home.

Signs can have many purposes in an Airbnb. You can use one to display your Airbnb property's name and a hashtag that guests can use when posting pictures. You could also use a sign for informative purposes, like displaying the wifi password or any other important info about the property.

Along with their practical purposes, signs can make for great decor. Pick out materials and colours that complement your decor and use your own creativity to make them as charming and photogenic as possible. After all, the more guests want to share your home with family and friends, the more popular it will become.

8. Wardrobes or closets are appreciated by your guests

Give your guests a place to unpack their things with an empty wardrobe or closet.

Modern wardrobes and closets for Airbnb guests.

Creating a warm, welcoming and convenient stay for guests should be the primary goal of your Airbnb. If your guests are staying for longer than a night or two, they may not want to leave their clothes in their luggage the entire time and wardrobes and closets are even more important.

If you have a closet in the room already, make sure there's sufficient space and that you provide lots of clothing hangers.

9. Don’t underestimate a good-quality coffee machine

It takes more than decor and furniture to make an Airbnb great.

Modern coffee machine on the kitchen table in a holiday house.

That's why you should buy a coffee maker, and other coffee-making essentials, for your Airbnb. No one should have to go without coffee! This is a seemingly small but powerful way to show your guests that you care about their experience.

A one-time investment into a nice coffee maker could help you acquire more happy guests and more positive reviews long-term.

10. Attractive artwork help creates the vibe you’re hoping to achieve

Add elegance and character to your Airbnb with some complementary artwork.

Utilising artwork in an Airbnb holiday home improves visual appeal.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metalware, and basketry are all examples of artwork that make your Airbnb much more memorable. You can decorate with any pieces that suit your Airbnb's aesthetic and colour scheme, though you may want to steer away from anything too outlandish that could be off-putting to guests.

Beautify your Airbnb with custom-made cushions from Cushion House

Enhance your interior design and impress Airbnb guests with custom-made cushions.

Creating unique outdoor sun lounge seats will improve the return on your Airbnb rental.

At Cushion House Australia, we take great pride in creating 100% Australian-made everyday and holiday home cushions with high-quality fabrics that are built to last. As Australia's leading independent manufacturer of custom-made cushions, you can count on us to deliver excellent items made to the highest standard.

With Cushion House Australia, you can design and order your cushions with ease - all you have to do is select your preferred foam and fabric online and place your order. Then, we’ll manufacture the cushions here in Australia and ship them to your doorstep - it’s really that easy!

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