Replacement cushions for outdoor furniture

Can you replace your outdoor cushions?

With summer here it’s the perfect time to have replacement outdoor cushions for your outdoor furniture. Simply changing your old cushion covers can completely change the look of your furniture, creating a perfect relaxing haven.

Replacement Bench seating and sun loungers

With regular use there will be a time when you’re bench seats and sun loungers will need replacing. At Cushion House we use the best quality foam inserts for all our indoor and outdoor seating and with the right care they will give many years of quality comfort for you and your family. Many suppliers of outdoor furniture will use a low budget low density foam. Yes looks great for a short but will quickly collapse. Checking this is simple. The obvious is the comfort if totally flat it needs to be changed.  Also take a look at the cover if your foam has collapsed the cushion will lose its taut looking fit. By simply changing your foam insert can make your seating a whole much more enjoyable area.  

Choosing the right outdoor fabric

We see it all too often poor quality fabrics on an expensive outdoor setting. Many of the questionable outdoor fabrics that we see on outdoor furniture are just not made for our Australian climate. Cushion House only use outdoor fabrics from proven quality fabric suppliers. Good quality outdoor fabrics will always be UV protected, resistant to mould and mildew growth and a degree of water repellency. The cushions are kept under cover so do they need to be outdoor fabric? By using an outdoor fabric this will still ensure they are protected against mould and mildew during the cooler evenings.

How long will outdoor cushions last

There are various factors on how long your outdoor cushions will last. Firstly the quality of your fabric again remembering many budget pieces of furniture may not have a quality outdoor UV protected fabric. Taking good care of the cushions will most definitely improve the longevity of them too. Bringing the cushions in during the winter months when the seating is not going to be used will definitely give you more seasons wear out of them. Use a quality cushion manufacturer, at Cushion House we offer a life time warranty on the workmanship of our cushions. This alone ensures you have confidence in a quality Australian made product.

Further information

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