Circular Seat Cushions

Whether it’s a new cushion for adining chair or a new Daybed Cushion House will custom make your circularcushion to fit exactly to your requirements. Just follow our easy instructionsand receive your instant quote.

Replace your existing Circular seatcushions with custom made seat cushions by Cushion House. All come with fulllength zips for easy removal and can be made with or without piping you decide.

Our custom-made outdoor seatcushions come fully reversible. Choice of outdoor fabrics and we only use UVthreads to give many years of satisfaction

Choosing the rightdepth for your seat cushion

Most seat cushion thicknessesrange from 50mm – 100mm depending on their use. With a premium seat foam andfully Dacron wrapped giving adequate comfort. Cushion House recommend seatfoams of 50 – 60mm for dining seat chairs and 75 – 100mm for Alfresco andlounge furniture. However, with selecting custom made cushions you can decidewhat best suits your needs.