Bench Seating – Standard

Cushion House offer a range of options withyour bench seating to suit your exact requirements. We can offer the choice ofties or we can also offer them with Velcro to enable you sit them in placewithout movement or the risk of them blowing away if they are used outdoors.


Choosing the right depth for your bench cushion

Cushion House recommend anywhere from 50mm– 125mm depth for bench seat cushions depending upon the look that is requiredand how the bench cushion will be used. Many of our designers are opting for slim line designs and are more fora stylish look than something you could spend your afternoon on reading a book.If it’s comfort and style 75mm – 100mm is adequate in our premium high-densityfoam unlike many standard foams you see in the shops our high density has agreat return bounce giving excellent comfort and longevity. 

Piped Cushions – Cushion House recommend aminimum depth of 60mm to really compliment the cushion with piping / Frenchseams etc.


If you need help or advice feel free tocontact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to advise on designs.